It started as an idea intended to make some extra money. But quickly it became the foundation of a friendship and future endeavor. Bobby’s thirst for a new business opportunity and Mike’s experience printing and cutting vinyl brought them together.

They built a friendship that quickly turned an idea into a streamlined process that would ultimately improve productivity for both of them. This chemistry was the spark that lit the creative fire that is now known as Image Concepts & Designs (ICAD).

Bobby, a 3M Authorized Trainer & Preferred Installer, is a hands-on entrepreneur who takes pride in every detail of the company. His love and passion for the business is apparent in everything he does. You will see this first-hand when he oversees your project or assists in wrapping your vehicle along-side our team of installers.

Mike, a proud Marine Corps veteran, possesses strong attention to detail, multitasking abilities and is a natural “people person”. These skills enable him to manage multiple jobs while clearly communicating with customers and ensuring trust that their project is in good hands.

Like some of the most successful businesses of our times: Apple, Google, Harley Davidson…it all began in a garage, with a couple of printers and a two-man team doing it all.

Fast forward to a few years later: Bobby, the only 3M Authorized Trainer in the Northeast, personally trained his entire team of installers. First-hand certified training ensures proper technique and guarantees quality installations. This is what separates ICAD from the competition.

The company also hired a design team with over 20 years of experience and knowledge of the most current design techniques and principles. They have the ability to turn your concepts and ideas into reality. From there, ICAD’s print production team runs top of the line printers to ensure top quality graphics that showcase your company’s brand.

ICAD will soon move to the new 11,000+ square foot location in Saugus, which will house a state-of-the-art warehouse with bays large enough to accommodate several cars, large tractor trailers, boats and more.
ICAD is committed to fostering long-lasting relationships with our customers. We all look forward to meeting and welcoming you into the ICAD family!



I am glad we crossed paths. I have many projects in mind and I look forward to working on those with you as well. Our first project together, A Doggie’s Home, was a success! Creatively and the turnaround, was perfect!

José E Cedeño, A Doggies Home